A Companion

The beginning of time immemorial

Finally, someone else in this dark world. We were starting to lose hope. The darkness is eerie, cold. We’re always going but never finding home. Here we were then. A place to slow down. A place where time would standstill. That’s where we met the others. Sensations were new. Blaze had found the heat and now that we were here, he had to flee. Rock came to be known as a solid rockstar, always holding us back or betraying us. We soon made peace when we found that we mix quite homogeneously. There we were, waiting for the unfamiliar faces to finally make a vision. It felt like a very long time - the first time we witnessed the sight, it turned a heavenly bright. We call her Dawn. She shows us what it means to be colourful. First, she makes the red, reaching out from a lampshade to a golden glitter that briefly makes hues of green and blue to violet before the white. She never stuck around too long, although she always did come back. We never saw any of this in the great beyond. It was a different feeling. Here, on Earth, all of it has a very different meaning even though it’s definitely the same thing.

As I held on to the thought of her disappearance, we felt the essence of Blaze. We called out, but no-one came. Soon we were swoon by the rays. It was the Sun. That’s where Blaze came from!

Looking around we saw how the skies change shapes and colours. They were uncontrollable clouds of acid showers. They pollute us. Undiluted us! We’re drowning. We travelled with them in the back compartments as they mixed well and fell to the ground. They always became one with the Earth in every encountering Rock as we swam far and near for many a dusk till dawn. Then one day a certain feeling came over the entirety of our bodies. A sudden gravity away from this activity that caused us to rise. I couldn’t leave Earth, she was our home and we knew it so we resisted every crest and thrust. There she was, the Moon, so she called herself, dancing along singing a song to remember for long. In this way, we found ways to keep each other company and watched as many years rolled by.



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