Go on then, ask me.

Ask me what?

Ask me about my dreams, of course!

What about them whom?

Good choice of words, I say, indeed they are. ‘They’ have always been a them.
They aren’t merely figments, they have a mind of their own. Only, your mind is their own. A state of existence.

I dreamed of traveling, missing a flight, climbing down the fleet of stairs that take me to the streets of my childhood home. There I saw my father, standing, peering on like my audience. Seems everyone I recognized decided to be my audience up until that moment. I found it odd to have taken a flight and then to have landed at home.

Somehow, it occurred to me, even in that state, to simply ask. I looked at him and said, “This is a dream,” he seemed to have quite the shock, “isn’t it?”, I asked. He hesitated, I noticed. He even giggled a little. Like a practical joke I played on myself, he admitted the truth.

I knew it! It was my big eureka moment. I’ve been desperately trying to be aware in a dream state for years now. I thought what can I do to make the most of this? I immediately thought of the one person I miss the most, my late doggo. Deciding to meet him once again, I walk out onto the street and there he really was. I was thrilled to have conjured up this spell. I soon wished I hadn’t though.

He didn’t know me anymore.

It’s all a mind game. The rest of the dream went on with little to no control over scenes that played. I was a stuntman in a never ending movie directed by my subconscious.

Entities of another dimension waiting for you to fall asleep so you can really come out and play. The funny thing is, they mean no harm. They can never cause you any pain. In their world, there is no pain. There is only healing. But if you’re not ready to see their world for what it might be, it’s your mind that tells you it’s a world full of darkness and fear.



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