It sure is hard to keep a positive attitude when all around us are conniving ambitious thugs who can’t stand to watch us excel. Never does it occur to them and the others that sacrifices were made, hardships were battled and struggles are still being fathomed. Hate overthrows positivity.

When the universe finds a trapped soul in a body deserving peace, messages are sent and made to be received. In my case, it happened through the wonderful coincidence of angel numbers. Any sequence that we see regularly can create vibrations in our thoughts. If we channel the same thoughts each time a repetition were to be noticed, we recreate the phenomena of its effects. It’s good to indulge in such random question. Earlier, I had a blast with Tarot cards. I seem to have lost my mojo though so until it comes back, my magick won’t starve.

Lately, with the lockdown making us distant and all, I’ve had the best of the best and worst of the worst things happen. With all of our preparation and packing stalled, the language of life was in Greek and Latin. No, literally, I took a few steps back and rediscovered a wonderful game 2002 — the Age of Mythology with commands said in Greek and Latin. It turned out that my plans were made more certain giving thanks to this wave of virus even though it fails to do what it does best as mankind makes recovery with plumetting deaths.

Regardless of all this we’re all stuck at home being very afraid of catching a cold. I’m back to square one with all my new options undone, the adventures of keeping your own.

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