I’ve landed safely. It was a long hard journey but here I am. On the edge of an icy pale blue and white mass of vastness, it seemed to me that there was no-one else around. It was going to be a short visit so I carved the floor for a space and laid out my supplies. Hitched a tent that served against the cold winds and made myself a corner to wait in, no sooner was I accompanied by a family of three, maybe four, they seemed to know the purpose of our visit more than I did and we all scattered to scan the land. One of them was looking out for me, lending a hand if I needed one but the others were too focused to even try and get me on board with the whole plan. The land was melting our tents stayed afloat on a glacier that chipped off the island. He said to go on without him and so I did. There was magic in the air, the floating pieces were constantly in rotation. He must have learned to turn the waters with his mind. Surprisingly, none of this seemed absurd to me. I was on a mission myself.

I had a feeling I wouldn’t see them again. Ahead of me, the world changed with every step. I didn’t care too much for the icy cold, I just kept walking. It was like I knew the way, I had it all in a mental map. I could see myself take this path from a two-dimensional view. Only, inside the map, I was a mini me who had so much to say. She kept running commentary and I never thought myself to be more profound than in this moment when she spoke to me about how there’s nothing here and no way out. Then she pointed out to a little spring which I could see right in front of me and in my head, she dove in to show me that the pond was deep but empty. So we continue to walk and walk for what felt like a long time, and she slowly faded away.

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