The Runaway Rocket

The Harshest Conspiracy of all Truths

We know what’s happening in the world today

It’s being governed by some cruel people with crazy plans

Without whom, the world wouldn’t be the same

They’ve got sheep in many numbers being fans

The fact of the matter is but very simple

They are never going to be as pure

In their eyes, we’re merely crippled

Both of our spirits, mine and yours

What Nature’s been doing to get the balance right

Is far too incomprehensible for a mere man like you and I

But still we take matters into our own hand

We play God without an omnipresent sight

The capacity of our minds are so focused

On what we think is right

It’s hard to look past our terrifying perspectives

So we’re often quite left in the dark

Carrying out our own little missions that no-one cares about

They watch out for those who dare speak loud

They want it to stay this way

They want to liberate

This world of what they think is scum

Still calling fellow races of man useless

Still shooting their guns

Still preying on the weakest

Still praying for a new life on Mars

What will they leave us behind?

A pandemic we would never recover from

A mass destruction of sorts

I hope it pans out this way

Giving us a new ray of hope

Each one for themselves

None for all



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